Sae-ohng’s Horse

Sae-ohng’s Horse

Once in China There was a man named Sae-ong in a village. One day, his female horse ran away and did not come back. All the people of the town came and comforted him for his loss, but he did not show any change in his emotion. He was as calm as he was before. A few days later, the female horse came back to Sae-ong’s house, bringing a tall and stout male horse along. Nobody came to claim the horse back. So the horse stayed in Sae-ong’s house. When people of the town visited Sae-ong, now they started to exclaim about the good fortune he received and they all envied the windfall he had, but Sae-ong did not answer anything to them without showing any happiness for the new horse.

One day, the firstborn son of Sae-ong wanted to try the new horse and put a saddle on it and rode out to a field to test the horse. The horse was swift as wind, and ran around the town and far into the field. But suddenly it stopped just in front of a tall fence, knocking Sae-ong’s son off to the ground and he broke his leg so badly that he became crippled for good. All the people of the town came to Sae-ong and wept for the leg of his son and comforted Sae-ong for the bad thing that happened to him. But Sae-ong did not seem to be sad at all. He worked and behaved as if nothing had happened to him. Now townspeople thought it strange that Sae-ong did not feel sad for his son.

After many years, the country was having a big war with a neighboring country. And all the young men was drafted as soldiers to the war and most of them died in the war. But Sae-ong’s son could not go to the war because he was crippled and he could save himself from the war. Now there were many in the town whose sons died in the war and came to visit Sae-ong and felt envious for the son of Sae-ong. All of them said how lucky it was for Sae-ong that his son was safe at home. But Sae-ong did not say anything. And Sae-ong lived many years and he died at his old age.


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