Two women were walking together talking about the creation work of God and one woman started to say, “I can’t understand the some part of the creation work. Think about this. The sparrow is very small, but has wings. It does not need to go here and there fast to get food. It can get food quickly without moving to many different places with its wings because its stomach is so small too. But an elephant or hippopotamus is a big animal with a big stomach. So they have to move around a lot to get enough food to maintain its body. If they had wings like birds, it would have been better for them to get food by moving fast to find a place for food.”

The other agreed too and said, “You can say that again. Big animals should have wings, but they don’t. And little animals which does not need to move around to get food have wings. I don’t understand why God created animals like that. If I had done the work, I would have done it differently by giving wings to larger animals.” Sharing their opinions like this they were walking together for a long time. At that time a small bird was flying above their head and pooped on them. A white small dropping soiled the shirt of the one woman. She tried to wipe the stain away. But it was hard to get rid of it, and what was worse was the smell of it. Even though she tried so hard, she could not take away the foul smell of bird’s dropping.

At that moment, she exclaimed as if she realized something and said, “Now even though I don’t understand the creation work of God, I can understand what God has done is right.” The other one was puzzled and said, “What are you talking about?” The woman said to the other, “Think about this. This small bird flying over our head can make us annoyed so much with its small dropping. Then imagine if an elephant was flying and pooped on our head, and then what would have happened? Think about a hippo flying leaked on us.”

On hearing that the other woman understood what the woman was thinking and said, “Oh, I didn’t think about it before. I think what you are saying is right. God’s work is right. Even though sometimes we cannot understand some part of his work, we should believe what God has done has some reason behind it.” And the one said, “That’s true. From now on, we should not doubt God’s creation work because everything is done according to God’s providence.”

After this they felt happier and went their way.


I heard this story from this Sabbath Morning Video Sermon of General Pastor of WMSCOG in Zion. The video sermon had some animations to show the story. When the story came to the part of an elephant and a hippo flying and dropping its poops and water, the animation showed an elephant flying over head, dropping a mountainous dropping over their head. It was so hilarious! Even though I would forget the contents of the sermon, still I would never forget the story he told in the sermon. Neither do I want any careless elephant flying around, causing annoyance like that. God’s creation work is always right!! Thanks to Father and Mother!


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